Why I’m body positive

'Body positivity' is a movement initially started to celebrate the curvier bodies, ending stigma and putting a halt to fat shaming. Over the years this has evolved to become a broader umbrella term for all things relating to the politics of our bodies; inclusive of shape, size, race, sexuality, gender, physical and mental ability.  So … Continue reading Why I’m body positive

Oké Poké 19.05.17

The Northern Quarter is currently awash with casual dining and fast cheap eat offerings. Oké Poké, the new restaurant to hit NQ certainly fits in that category.  Deriving from the Hawaiian salad Poké, typically served as a starter or appetiser.  The word means "to slice, cut or section" and so the dish is fresh ingredients, … Continue reading Oké Poké 19.05.17

On The Frightening Realities of Being a Woman in 2017

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Such an incredibly strong lady. This just should not happen. 

Hi guys!

So for anyone who has spoken to me since January 1st, I have been banging on about starting a blog. I wanted to talk about self care and mental health and make up and baking and life (I mean, I hadn’t quite established an aesthetic, and I use commas way too much, but I was well on my way). Anyway, at the end of January, all my plans for everything changed. And now I’m going to talk about that. Because I think it’s really fucking important that people speak about difficult, shitty times. Also, quite selfishly, I think this will be pretty cathartic. Haven’t started yet but this could potentially be a long read. Buckle up kids.

The Incident.

So I was leaving a well known Clapham Club *cough* Infernos *cough* when a man, a stranger, started making sexual comments at me. The sad thing is, I don’t…

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