Viet shack, Manchester Arndale – not your average burger

So far I’ve managed to steer clear of most of this trend for street food. The majority of it I find either very amateur, very over priced or very pulled pork (can we stop putting it on everything already please!)  But there’s one place that stands out from the crowd. Hidden away in the recesses of the Manchester arndale market, is a little shack offering healthy, freshly made, delicious treats from a Vietnamese inspired menu.

Getting there, even post lunch time rush, there was a queue of other eager mancs deciding what to chose and there really is plenty of choice ranging from summer rolls to more hearty burgers, “quack fries” and well filled noodle boxes. The queue didn’t take too long for it to reach my turn and a Viet Mac burger was ordered. Freshly toasted brioche bun heavily laden with not 1, not 2 but 3 different meats; pork, chicken and steak (which I was asked how I wanted it to be cooked). All of that stacked up with viet slaw, hot sauce, lashings of fresh coriander, chilli and token other leafage.

I was advised it would take 6-7 minutes to be prepared and by the time I’d got myself some cutlery and done the obligatory twitter scroll it was right before my eyes.  While I was waiting, myself and other “hungeries” awaiting our order were kept fully informed of where things were up to.  Fantastic friendly service! There were some in the queue disrespectfully moaning about the wait. This isn’t Mcdonalds. It’s beautiful fresh ingredients, cooked right in front of your eyes with passion and love. And for £7 it’s really nothing to moan about!

I was handed my burger with a few napkins and advice on how best to eat it due to its size….they obviously saw me coming! (I’m such a messy eater!)

Everything about it was perfect. Juicy, delicious, slightly charred meat.  The steak melt-in-the-mouth medium rare (just how I like it!)  All of the crisp, fresh herbs and veg on there bringing everything else to life. The bun holding everything in place like a perfectly toasted buttery pillow for the meat. The hot sauce was just the right amount to give a tingle but not so much to knock my socks off.  Despite it being a burger, it didn’t feel greasy, stodgy and I actually felt like I’d done my body some good eating it, unlike the guilt you normally get from eating a cheeky bit of junk food.

Easily the best burger I’ve ever eaten….and some of my best friends work for Manchester’s top burger venues!

To top it off, mid-chew with cucumber hanging out my mouth and probably sauce on my cheek, someone found it appropriate to compliment me on the balls I had as a girl eating a burger the size of my head in public (and on my own) and I was offered his phone number! What is it they say about first impressions! Flattered, but there’s a time and place for such things and that definitely was not it!

All in all a successful quick lunch before heading to a nail appointment. Have been singing the burgers praises to the new man in my life so looks like it won’t be too long before I make a return visit

Picture below isn’t my own handiwork but taken from viet shack’s own twitter. I’m not going to lie, it looked that good I dived in completely forgetting to do the obligatory pre-munch shot, but I do promise mine looked as good if not better!  Will do better next time!

Thanks viet shack, I’ll see you again soon!


Bill came to £8.50 for burger and bottle of aloe water


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