Origins “by all greens” 2 in 1 cleansing mask


I don’t think I’ve ever spent this much on a face mask before. Ever. But with my current love for natural skincare products and my obsessive quest for clear skin, it was hard not to resist when I heard about the launch of this new product just a few weeks ago.  Origins has been one of my long standing favourite skin care brands but tends to be something I have had to see as a rare treat over the past year due to limited finances. Id been feeling pretty low so on my last pay day saw it as the perfect opportunity to treat myself to something that will make me feel good (as well as look good)

The mask is loose in consistency very similar to that of washing up liquid and is to be sparingly smeared on a damp face post cleanse. It is specifically stipulated not to rub at this point – just merely apply the mask. It takes about 5 minutes to activate and so it’s business which is perfect for us multi tasking ladies to shave the essentials or whatever else we have to do. You know the mask is working and has done it’s job, ready to come off when it starts mildly foaming into little bubbles. With wet fingers rub the mask, to loosen, working it into the skin and then rinse off.

I love this product. I’ve been using it for a few weeks and it seems to be getting better and better. It offers a deep cleanse, leaving the skin with a beautiful glow and a slight tingle when applying but doesn’t leave the skin feeling stripped of nutrients or liking it’ll need a bucket of serum after. It has trendy ingredients like green tea and spirulina which normally I put in my smoothies, so you know its going to be doing your skin some good! The smell is clean and fairly neutral which I love.

Its for use two or three times a week as it is quite intense. Always good if your skin is feeling dull, if you’ve been wearing a full face of make up that day or need a little pick me up. The origin assist also recommended it for use pretty night out to give your skin that extra clean boost of confidence if you’re getting dressed up. Each and every time I use this I’m amazed by how clean my skin feels, how you can barely see any of my problem pores and how much of a healthy glow I have after. With each use the appearance of my skin is always improving so it’s long term benefits are just as good as the immediate ones.

At £34 it is pricey but it’s definitely worth it and something I will be looking to repurchase!


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