Corridor, Salford

This is probably the best bar you’ve never heard of.  Often featured on “best hidden bar” lists and it is easy to see why.  Nuzzled down a side street of Chapel Street, just on the edge of deepest darkest Salford (stumbling distance from Deansgate), you’d be forgiven for not being able to find it.  Denoted only by a subtle neon blue plaque on the wall outside a set of black doors.  Through these doors, following up the dark stairs and even darker ‘corridor’, you are led to a treasure trove of treats.


Behind the stick is Head Bartender Jack Pearson, whose passion and innovation shines like a beacon from within the bar’s moody interiors.  Dark floor, dark walls, plenty of nooks and crannies to hide yourself away in, with the walls adorned in vintage posters with a nod to ghosts of imbibed past.  Once you’ve chosen from the selection of booths, or sitting in prime position at the bar, you’ll be guided through the new menu which is just about to launch.  I was delighted to be able to try one of Jack’s latest creations; the Cherry Clover Club .  This creation was smooth in mouth feel, rich in flavour and uses a blend of Cherry Heering and Manchester Three Rivers Gin – a true delight and incredible to see the cities new favourite gin featuring on cocktail menus already!  The new menu has a big focus on innovation – reviving old forgotten classics, putting the Corridor stamp on better known ones as well as a liberal use of homemade ingredients and unusual products.  The menu is set to be one of the most exciting in the city and will be changed every 3 months to keep things fresh and seasonal._20160826_174431

You’d be forgiven for being a little intimidated by Corridor initially; experimental drinks, near impossible to find, and an interior darker than Harry Potter’s cupboard under the stairs.  But it is far from scary.  Warm friendly service, with an emphasis on educating customers, delighting them with their knowledge and broadening beverage horizons.  So if you don’t know your Negroni from your Peroni you’re in safe hands and the guys will certainly steer you in the right direction.  As dingy as this hidden gem’s insides might seem, it really does work well.  The back bar glittering away with a hoard of trinkets and oddments, labels and curio you’ve never seen before – it’s actually quite magical.  It also doesn’t only offer some of the best cocktails in the city – but a fine picked selection of craft beers, wines and spirits; so if you’re not feeling too daring, there is plenty still to chose from.  Jack himself professes to enjoy making drinks to customers own particular preferences, or being able to surprise them by making a personal favourite which doesn’t feature on the limited menu – a service quite often not on offer at other more rigid (and less educated) bars.

The venue lends itself to be suited to many a situation – want to impress a date by taking them to somewhere unique with cosy corners for canoodling? want to show off to colleagues for post work drinks? want to find a place with a top selection of drinks that isn’t overpriced or filled with knobheads? want a place to learn all things cocktails and be looked after with incredible personal interaction? want somewhere to carry on drinking when everywhere else is shut?  Corridor does it all!!!

I cannot wait to see the other creations on the new menu after the little teaser I was allowed…and I also can’t wait to get down to Corridor for more than one drink (I was on driving duty when I visited)

It’s very much one of those places….”if you know, you know” and I hope now, a few more people might!








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