Mini Boots haul

It’s been a while since I’ve treated myself to a few different products at once, so just last weekend I thought I’d go wild and push the boat out.  So, off to Boots Market Street Manchester I trotted.

Purchases were:

No.7 Total Renewal Micro-dermabrassion exfoliator £11

Vichy Idealia night moisturiser £25

2 x NYX matte lip cream (in Vancouver and Cairo) £5.50 each

First up…No.7 Micro-dermabrassion exfoliator £11

This is a tried and tested favourite of mine.  I’m a big fan of No.7 products, always have been and this for me is one of their best.  It’s a very very fine exfoliator.  The grains are non-soluble so they remain doing their business on your skin as long as you like until you rinse your face.  The grains are transported in a light cream which makes it easy to make sure you’ve got every nook and cranny well and truly covered without over-use of product and without too much effort.   The cream glides on well, has no-fragrance (which I love!) and you can feel its benefits straight away as it rids your skin of all your dead skin cells and buffing the new ones into place underneath.  Due to it’s nature, it’s recommended to be used about once a week.  But in no way does that mean it’s harsh on your skin; far from it.  Your skin is left looking radiant, and feeling super smooth and nourished.  To really ensure you get the most from this product, they’ve included instructions and diagrams to give yourself the best home facial possible.

I love this product so much, it’s now the third time I’ve re-bought and it never disappoints.
Next on the list was Vichy Idealia night moisturiser £25 (purchased for £18.60 on offer)

Now this is a new purchase for me, but I’ve long been a fan of Vichy products; having previously tried their cleanser and toner.  With the colder weather and all of the ridiculous central heating (certainly in my office!) around, my skin has been drier than stale toast.  I’ve found it’s really helped make-up application the following morning if I’ve really nourished and moisturised my skin properly the night before.  My skin generally needs a bit of assistance to get that “goodnight’s sleep” fresh kind of look, so I tend to opt for illuminating creams.  This is rich, but not heavy.  Sinks into the skin like silk and doesn’t leave any kind of sticky feeling to the skin.  The smell is lightly perfumed….almost like fancy fruity sweets but not in a sickly way. I wake up in the morning with skin feeling kitten soft, with a healthy glow and feeling ready to take on the day ahead.  The way it is soaked into the skin, means a little goes a long way; so even though not the cheapest, it will definitely last a while and get some good mileage out of it.
Will definitely re-purchase

Finally is the two matte lip creams from NYX £5.50 (Vancouver and cairo)

I love NYX products and have tried a fair few across their range; although this is the first time I’ve tried their new lip creams.  I opted for a nude (Cairo)  and what I thought was a dark brown/burgundy (Vancouver).  The nude is a good consistency, giving good coverage.  The other colour however, turned out to be more purple than I expected and than how it looked on the bottle (and in the shop when I tested).  It’s also a bit more translucent in coverage so needs more coats to get a good solid colour.  With being matte, both colours are pretty unforgiving if you have the slightest bit of dryness or flake of skin on your lip.  Even with pre-applying lip balm first, it doesn’t help as the lip cream doesn’t apply well at all.  Probably best to start exfoliating them first and seeing how that works.  In terms of their longevity….they don’t really have it at all.  The creams don’t seem to “set” on your lips, although your lips do feel drier once its been applied.  As soon as you talk or drink from a glass or straw, the colour fades instantly.
Overall – deceiving colours, not amazing consistency and very poor face-life and durability once applied.  Such a shame as I’m generally a big fan of NYX products.  But I guess they can’t be amazing at them all!

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