Wonder Women part. 1

I’ve been involved in some unusual things in my time, but this is definitely up there.  Off the back of a Body Positive Group I’m a part of on Facebook, I responded to an unusual ad requesting the donation of some vaginas for a vagina shrine (“Vashrina”) for a pro-woman art piece to be displayed at Wonder Women 2017.  Obviously, I obliged.

Soon enough, one normal Tuesday evening,  I was joined by one of the masterminds behind the project, who has taken to carrying around the vulvas with her in a silver glittery box; cute and creepy at the same time.  Cue a bag being pulled out containing a jug, the base of a fanta bottle, some alginate powder, a pair of scissors, a packet of plasters and a rather large tub of vaseline…

….not your average Blue Peter make!

In terms of technique, squatting like you’re going to the loo or pretending you’ve got balls and you’re tea-bagging someone is the best.  Two minutes of squatting, naked from the waist down, holding a makeshift cup full of a bright pink loose custardy liquid to your foof is surprisingly exhilarating; the anticipation in hoping you’ve got a good vulva mold going on and wondering what its looking like down there.  When the alginate has set, it’s super easy and strangely satisfying to peel off, revealing your foof mold in all its glory.  Unlucky for you,  I have no shame in showing off my creations…

We did 2 just to be sure

Off, it went to be filled with plaster and immortalised forever, ready to join the other members of the Vulva Crew (not sure that band name will ever catch on!)

In all her squashed glory

I’m not going to lie.  It gets messy, but hilarious and totally worth it to help with such a fab project.  Everything was completely private, confidential and done with inevitable humour; how else could fanny casting be done!  The idea behind it all is to break down the taboos and stereotypes surrounding our lady bits and also to prove how unique and special they all are; much like snowflakes.  I know the girls behind it are looking for as many willing volunteers as possible, and implore anyone to get in touch and get involved.

The “Vashrina” will be on display on 4th March at Texture   tickets are on sale now at £6.00 Synthesis: all female DJs.  Expect an afternoon of audiovisual wonder, with DJs, art and there will be a chance to donate feminine products to Shelter.  This event is part of the larger Wonder Women 2017, which is seeing a series of feminist events popping up all over the city

Personally, I can’t wait to play spot the fanny! It’s been a fun process to be a part of and for such an amazing, empowering movement.

(no Vulva’s were harmed in the making of this) 

Wonder Women part 2 will follow soon!




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