The countdown to 30

If I'd written this just a few weeks ago, there would have been a 50/50 chance of it being a suicide note. I understand the weight of that statement. For months I've felt lonely, lost, empty, worthless and and incapable of getting through to the next day - things have been really dark and I've … Continue reading The countdown to 30


Why I’m body positive

'Body positivity' is a movement initially started to celebrate the curvier bodies, ending stigma and putting a halt to fat shaming. Over the years this has evolved to become a broader umbrella term for all things relating to the politics of our bodies; inclusive of shape, size, race, sexuality, gender, physical and mental ability.  So … Continue reading Why I’m body positive

On The Frightening Realities of Being a Woman in 2017

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Such an incredibly strong lady. This just should not happen. 

Hi guys!

So for anyone who has spoken to me since January 1st, I have been banging on about starting a blog. I wanted to talk about self care and mental health and make up and baking and life (I mean, I hadn’t quite established an aesthetic, and I use commas way too much, but I was well on my way). Anyway, at the end of January, all my plans for everything changed. And now I’m going to talk about that. Because I think it’s really fucking important that people speak about difficult, shitty times. Also, quite selfishly, I think this will be pretty cathartic. Haven’t started yet but this could potentially be a long read. Buckle up kids.

The Incident.

So I was leaving a well known Clapham Club *cough* Infernos *cough* when a man, a stranger, started making sexual comments at me. The sad thing is, I don’t…

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