Drunken Butcher 28.01.17

Hidden away behind an ordinary door, on an ordinary house, on an ordinary street in Chorlton some exceptional culinary magic takes place; the Drunken Butcher Supper Club.  Drunken Butcher is featured at the top of "Manchester's best supper club" lists; a firm favourite in the underground dining scene within the city.  I was lucky enough … Continue reading Drunken Butcher 28.01.17


Wonder Women part. 1

I've been involved in some unusual things in my time, but this is definitely up there.  Off the back of a Body Positive Group I'm a part of on Facebook, I responded to an unusual ad requesting the donation of some vaginas for a vagina shrine ("Vashrina") for a pro-woman art piece to be displayed … Continue reading Wonder Women part. 1